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New Features in QuickBooks 2014

Looking for QuickBooks 2015 new features and release notes?

Here are the new features that were introduced in QuickBooks 2014 with release notes in the latter part of this article.

Attach a Document to a Record

You can attach documents to any record, such as invoices, customers, estimates, and vendors.

  1. Find the record you want to attach a document to.
  2. On forms such as invoices and estimate, click the Attach File button  on the main tab at the top of the form (in some QuickBooks Centres you may see a paperclip icon instead).
  3. Choose how to attach your document
    • From your computer.
    • From your scanner.
    • From the Doc Centre.
    • By dragging your document into the Attachments window.
Email Improvements

Emailing from QuickBooks now includes the ability to:

  • include attachments
  • create emails from templates
  • use rich text formatting and custom fields
  • view email history in the Customer Centre
Income Tracker

The Income Tracker makes it easy to find and work with your unbilled sales (estimates and sales orders), unpaid sales (open and overdue invoices), and paid sales (payments and sales receipts). To open the Tracker, choose Customers > Income Tracker.

Use the Income Tracker

When you open the Income Tracker, it shows all unbilled sales (estimates and sales orders), unpaid sales (open and overdue invoices, as well as payments and credits), and paid sales (payments and sales receipts).

The coloured block shows the amount for transactions in that category. Click a block to see the transactions that make up that amount. Use the drop-down arrows below the coloured blocks to filter this list further. To see a list of all transactions, click Clear/Show All.

Note: The open invoices amount includes the amount for overdue invoices.

Home Page Customisation
  • You can change the colour scheme of a company file to help differentiate it from other company files. (Go to Edit > Preferences > Desktop View.)
  • Customise the accounts shown in the View Balances section of the Home Page (in the left hand navigation bar). On the left-hand navigation bar on the Home Page, select View Balances, and then Customise view balances to select the accounts you want to see in the list.
  • Access to Alerts and Reminders buttons in the top, right-hand corner of QuickBooks.
Additional Time Savers

Print Reports to Fit

You now have the following two options when printing reports (open and report and click Print).

  • Print report to _ page(s) wide - When a report has too many columns to fit across the width of a single page of paper, QuickBooks prints the extra columns on additional pages. Select this option to scale down reports so that all columns fit across a single page or to specify the number of pages.
  • Print report to _ page(s) high - When a report has too many rows to fit on a single page of paper, QuickBooks prints the extra rows on additional pages. Select this option to scale down reports so that all rows fit on a single page or to specify the number of pages.

Reports Ribbon

In the past, the only way you could access reports was from the Reports menu. You now have a new way to access reports -  from directly within transactions. For example, if you're creating an invoice, click the Reports tab to see a list of report options.

Copy/Paste Line

Instead of copying and pasting each item in a transaction (quantity, item code, description, etc), you can now copy and paste the entire line. This reduces the amount of time it takes for data entry.

  1. Right-click on a line and select Copy Line.
  2. Right-click the blank line you'd like to copy the information to and select Paste Line.
Payroll Improvements

For QuickBooks Payroll customers:

  • Streamlined Payroll Centre - an improved layout and workflow will give you quicker access to all your important payroll tasks - all in one place.
  • Monthly item limit. When creating new payroll items, you'll now see a Limit Type drop-down on the Default rate and limit screen.
  • The email improvements mentioned above apply to the Payroll Centre as well. You can now see a list of the pay slips you've emailed to employees in the employee's record.In the Employee Centre, select an employee and click the Sent Email tab.
  • Delete or amend pay checks after submitting to HMRC via RTI.
Enterprise Specific

These improvements apply specifically to Enterprise 14.0.

  • Assemblies Improvements - more automated functions help you save time and improve the accuracy of assemblies and costing.
  • Advanced Job Costing - manage your jobs in different phases of completion more easily with new tracking and reporting options. Customize tracking by reps, job, customers and run WIP and Committed Costs reports at the click of a button.
  • Advanced Pricing - customize and automate your pricing in QuickBooks. You’ll get more control over pricing and avoid manual updates
Flat Rate VAT

We've added Flat Rate VAT to QuickBooks 2014. This means if your business is registered under the Flat Rate VAT scheme, you can track your VAT and file VAT returns without fiddly workarounds.

The Flat Rate VAT scheme makes it easier for businesses to manage their VAT, if their turnover is below £150,000.
If you are allowed to use the Flat Rate VAT scheme (check with your accountant or HMRC) then you simply pay VAT as a percentage of your turnover. You don't have to calculate the difference between VAT you collect and VAT you pay.
QuickBooks 2014 Release 3 Notes: October 2013


  • QuickBooks recommended memory alert will now display when available system memory is less than 2 GB
User Interface
  • To solve the customer problem of thin scroll bars in QuickBooks, The team has increased the width of the scroll bar to make it easily clickable and scrollable
  • The Editable fields on QuickBooks windows are made little darker for better contrast and visibility
Money Bar
  • Introduction of filtered list totals at the bottom of the Income Tracker screen. Once the user click on a specific block the total will appear at the bottom left corner of the window.
  • Introduction of GJEs in “Open Invoices” block of Income Tracker. Users have the ability to filter GJEs using the type filter
Payroll Center
  • Icon bar on the Payroll Center has been updated with new buttons.  The new icon bar now has buttons for the following: My Payroll Service, Time Tracking, Payroll Updates, Payroll Items, Hiring Forms, Payroll Setup, Preferences, Support, and Help
  • Status column has been added to the Create Paychecks table in the Payroll Center
  • Added column sorting to the Create Paychecks, E-payments, File Forms, Saved Filings, and E-Filing tables
Enterprise Specific
Build Assemblies
  • "Automatically build required subassemblies" check box no longer disappears if a customize template is selected
  • Enhanced Pricing Model
  • Price Rule list limit has increased from 10,000 to 100,000
Job Costing
  • Account column could be removed when customizing purchase forms - it should not, since it is required
  • Committed Cost report can now be filtered for one job
Inventory Center
  • In the Inventory Center, item name will no longer be truncated in main item pane
  • In the Inventory Center, item name will now display correctly instead of being truncated
Serial/Lot Tracking
  • Creating a lot adjustment will now change the lot count
QuickBooks 2014 Release 4 Notes: December 2013


  • Integration of existing QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) tool within QuickBooks product. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool (also referred as QBFD) can be used to troubleshoot open file issues related to data corruption and networking configuration. When a company files (QuickBooks company files with the extension QBW or QBA) is tried to open within QuickBooks and if the File is damaged or corrupted or if the file has network setup problems in accessing the file, QBFD tool is launched to diagnose and repair the file problem in the company file. The tool will attempt to repair any problems found.
  • The option to Submit No Payment for Period is now available which can be used for Nil Payments or just sending an EPS without having any Liabilities
  • New help topic and link when entering an employee who has been paid using another RTI system during the same PAYE year - specifically help with old and new payroll ID numbers
QuickBooks 2014 Release 5 Notes: March 2014


  • PAYE year end workflow is now available via Employee menu, RTI then FPS
  • PAYE 2014-15 updates are now available, e.g. tax tables and the removal of SSP from EPS etc
  • Auto enrolment (pensions) is now supported within QuickBooks 2014 by enabling the ability to enter staging dates and identifying who becomes eligible and when
  • QuickBooks RTI will no longer try and submit an EPS when nothing has been selected. If nothing has been selected, then a pop warning message will appear and block EPS submission
  • The employee drop-down for printing payslips no longer contains inactive Employees 
  • When clicking on Pay employee, selecting an employee and clicking on open paycheck details does no longer crash QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks will no longer intermittently close  when trying to launch the Payroll centre from the desk top/workflow view
File Operations
  • QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when switching between company files or closing with the X button
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly if a user exits the program while a transaction form is open
  • QuickBooks will no longer displays COM errors while a user performs random or multiple tasks
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions DB cache will no longer revert from unlimited to 512 MB on reboot of the computer

Users and Permissions

  • QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error while changing the Administrator's password
User Interface
  • When adding multiple files (attaching docs.), the white-blue formatting sequence no longer goes out of sync
  • Alt + ` and Alt + ~ hotkeys will now allow users to tab through a window with multiple set of tabs
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when opening the Committed Cost by Job report while in the Enterprise Solutions Accountant trial version
QuickBooks 2014 Release 6 Notes: June 2014

File Operations

  • Fixed an issue that caused a C=102 error when upgrading a company file.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an Unrecoverable Error when editing an account to change its type and then making it a subaccount.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a newly created account to not immediately display in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Auto Enrolment terminology corrected to ‘non-eligible’
  • FPS and P11 summary is now correct when using multiple customers within an employee payroll payment
  • NI Calculations now correct with NI Code ‘L’
  • Fixed an issue when applying a YTD adjustment for a per period director
  • Employee pensions status now retained and visible when paying employees
  • Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close while working with letter templates.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Transaction Journals from being exported to Excel.
QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Internal QuickBooks File Doctor will now display results from the Network Diagnostics as well as the File Diagnostics.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor will now display the message "No network connectivity" when applicable for users running QuickBooks on Windows Vista.
User Interface
  • Added a link to the PDF repair tool on all error messages related to a PDF failure.
  • When rows with hyperlink/amounts are selected within the Payroll Center, they are highlighted and readable. Hyperlinks are underlined as well.
Enterprise Specific
  • Transaction List by Lot report now runs faster.
  • When automatic cost change preference was set to yes, dialog asking about price update did not have cost change defaulted to YES. Now it does.
QuickBooks 2014 Release 7 Notes: July 2014


  • Fixed an issue that caused subitems to not appear on the Inventory reports when the first subitem under a parent is marked inactive.
  • Fixed an issue that caused information to be truncated on reports printed after installing the R6 update.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented applications running on Windows XP from connecting to QuickBooks after installing the R6 update.
QuickBooks 2014 Release 9 Notes: March 2015


  • Feature removal. The early payment feature has been removed as HMRC now state that invoices should be sent out at full price and full price VAT. Please help article How to manage a PPD after April 2015 for full details
QuickBooks 2014 Release 11 Notes: May 2016


  • QuickBooks is implementing an update to address a security vulnerability. This will help to verify that the person attempting to access an account is authorized.
    • All users who have the "credit card protection" feature on, or have credit card data in their QuickBooks company file, will be asked to set up a password, if they do not already have one. Furthermore, the administrator account holder will be notified if users have not set up a password. This will give the administrator account holder the ability to recommend that users create a password, or to assign a password directly to these users. This will enable you to enhance security by requiring that all users with access to the system use appropriate security credentials.

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