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New Features in QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks 2013 is our easiest, most efficient QuickBooks ever!  QuickBooks 2013 features even simpler, faster and more accessible tools to help you get more done in fewer steps.  Our goal remains to help you spend less time managing your finances, so you can get more out of your busy day.  Here is a small sampling of the fantastic new features you'll find in QuickBooks 2013.

Important:  The HMRC implementation of Real Time PAYE (RTI) begins on April 6th, 2013 please read: Real Time PAYE (RTI).

  • R8 - Quickbooks 2013 Release Notes: July 2013 (Available to download soon). In summary performance when searching suppliers and stock is improved and SDK software will no longer experience errors. Finally the ability to download currency exchange rates has been re-enabled.

New Look and Feel

QuickBooks has a new look and feel to help you access your QuickBooks tasks more quickly and easily.  We've improved the top icon bar- you can use it to see transactions due, run reports, view balances and create shortcuts.  We've also improved the Home Page and QuickBooks Centres.  Easily view all the navigation changes by clicking the Help menu and selecting What's New.  

Learn more about the new user interface changes.

Lead Centre

New for QuickBooks 2013!  It is used for tracking leads and sales prospects.  Typically a business will track prospects in one tool (ie. Microsoft CRM, Ace of Sales, etc) and do their books in a completely separate tool.  Having the Lead Centre in QuickBooks puts this information in one place instead of having multiple tools.

  • You can add prospects without adding customers
  • Leads can easily be removed if they don't become a sale
  • Adding a lead does not affect your current customer list.  Leads will only show up in the Lead Centre
  • Convert lead to a customer with a single click of a button

Available in Pro/Premier/Enterprise Editions

New Features for Premier Accountants Edition

Accountant Centre

Accountant Centre puts all the tools that accountants primarily use in one easy to access place.

Statement Writer

QuickBooks Statement Writer allows you to create customized finanical reports from a QuickBooks company file. It also has templates that can be used to create financial reports.  The Statement Writer package contains a library of templates for statements and for supporting documents.

QuickBooks File Manager

QuickBooks File Manager is a new tool that makes it faster and easier to work with clients files.  The File Manager also has a Password Storage so Accountants can store Client passwords in a secure place.

Starter Copy

Starter Copy allows Accountants to copy key data when creating a new company file for a client.  This includes Preferences, Chart of Accounts, and Sales Tax Items.

Write Off Invoices

This new tool will allow Accountants to write off invoices in batches.

New Features for Enterprise Editions

The new features in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 are as follows:

  • Item Description in Inventory Reports
  • Increased List Limits
  • Advanced Inventory
    • Site List and Inventory Locations
    • Serial Number and Lot tracking
    • Qty and Value adjustment
    • Barcode Scanning
  • Inventory Centre
  • Automatic POs
  • Default Classes

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