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Windows 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the answers below for frequently asked questions about Windows® 7.

Will my version of QuickBooks be compatible with Windows® 7?

QuickBooks 2010 and newer versions are designed to be compatible with Windows 7. Although QuickBooks 2008 and 2006 versions might install successfully on Windows 7, Intuit's product support for Windows 7 is limited to QuickBooks 2010 and newer products only.

Is QuickBooks compatible with 64-bit versions of Window?

Several versions of QuickBooks are compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows. Get detailed information about supported operating system configurations for your version of QuickBooks.


If I have QuickBooks 2006 & 2008 on Windows® 7, can I still call product support?

You can still contact Intuit's product support but you will be informed by the Support Agent that your version is not supported on Windows® 7. You may be directed to specific knowledgebase articles on the support site that are available to assist you in resolving your issue.

Will you be issuing any updates to QuickBooks 2006 or 2008 to make it compatible with Windows® 7?

We do not plan to release any updates to make these products compatible with Windows 7. If you wish to use Windows 7, we recommend that you upgrade to QuickBooks 2012 or later.

What if I pay a monthly subscription for my version of QuickBooks?

When you originally purchased your subscription, your product was supported to run on Windows® XP and Vista. Your subscription entitles you to receive updates to your product to maintain it on these operating systems only.

How is Windows® 7 different from Windows® Vista?

Windows® 7 is based on Windows® Vista so it is almost identical in appearance and navigation. Any troubleshooting techniques that you would use with a Windows® Vista machine will work on Windows® 7. For more information on what is new in Windows® 7, visit the Windows® 7 Home page.

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